Being an ICEEFT Certified Trainer in Emotionally Focused Therapy

Being an ICEEFT Certified Trainer in Emotionally Focused Therapy is a great honor and responsibility, as well as one of greatest sources of satisfaction and joy.

As of July 2023, there are 80 EFT Trainers worldwide. In North America, including Mexico. In the Netherlands, England, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Turkey and Sweden. Some Trainers also teach regularly in Asia, Brazil, Portugal, Estonia, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, several Central and South American countries, and Spain.

Trainer candidates are currently considered only if they are fluent in at least one language other than English and/or in areas outside North America. There is currently a moratorium on new Trainer candidates in North America. This is because ICEEFT vouches for trained Trainers and their level of qualification, preparation, and accountability for the states they care for.

Responsibility and coordination of ICEEFT Certified Trainers

ICEEFT Certified Trainers are key leaders in promoting ICEEFT's Mission of educating mental health professionals and increasing public awareness of the effectiveness of EFT and its role in strengthening relationship bonds.

The role of an EFT Trainer is challenging. Trainers in EFT conduct Externships, Core Skills, Workshops and Masterclasses as well as advanced trainings on specific topics and offer supervision.

Typically, a Trainer is affiliated with an EFT Center and often serves as its director.

Trainers' responsibilities typically include:

  • Developing and/or promoting an EFT Center
  • Serving as the primary liaison between the ICEEFT Board of Directors and a local EFT Center
  • Serving on ICEEFT committees
  • Contributing to EFT practice development, supervision, training and research.
  • Collaborating and supporting each other in the development of EFT training events and resources.

Following the core values of ICEEFT, EFT Trainers seek opportunities to support the development of EFT Centers and/or Communities through innovation, collaboration and advocacy in the best interests of EFT practitioners.

As ambassadors and stewards of the EFT model, Trainers seek opportunities to actively collaborate and cross-train with other Trainers, thereby promoting EFT skills development globally and locally.

When training opportunities or invitations involve overlapping interests and expertise, Trainers will contact their colleagues in the area of interest to consult and coordinate any training they wish to offer with existing training programs and local community initiatives.

This open, co-operative consultation respects the considerable effort and investment of all trainers and community organizers and reflects the collaborative nature of the EFT model.